History of Bauman Machine
Bauman Machine Inc. was founded in 1973 by Mr. Fred Bauman.  Fred had started his machining career in the
early 1950’s working for Homco International as a welder and a machinist.  After leaving Homco he then went to
work for Land & Marine to cut tool joints and  then to A1 Bit and Tool before starting his own business.  In the
early 1970's, Fred Bauman saw a high demand for oilfield machining services and decided to take a risk and go into
business for himself.  Fred started his business with one welder and one lathe in a small buidling behind his home.  

As the word got out Fred’s workload increased beyond his capacity.  Fred approached his stepson Jim McCarty
for help.  Jim was working at the time as a machinist for A1 Bit and Tool.   Jim started helping with the business on
nights and weekends.  The workload increased and Jim quit A1 Bit and Tool and together they incorporated as
Bauman Machine Inc.  

The oil boom was going strong and their business took off.  They purchased more equipment and hired more
employees.  They quickly out grew the small shop behind Fred’s home and in 1979, with only 8 employees, they
decided to expand and construct a new building on SW 44th Street.  After it's completion, they purchased several
more machines and hired more people.  During the peak of the boom they had over 45 employees that primarily
serviced the oil and gas industry by doing manufacturing and repair.

After the oil boom was over Jim saw that manufacturing was headed toward automated machines.  In 1988,
Bauman Machine bought their first CNC lathe and begin a new venture in larger volume production work.  Jim
quickly realized that his investment paid off.   CNC machines offered great rewards of higher production and better
quality.   Bauman Machine began investing in more CNC equipment and over the years have invested millions of
dollars in some of the latest CNC and machining technology on the market.  

In 1989, Fred Bauman retired and Jim McCarty continued to grow the business.  In 1994, Bauman Machine had
exhausted  their floor space and decided to expand.   This expansion added more than double the amount of floor
space and with room to grow.  

In 1995, Jim’s son Mark McCarty joined the company after graduating from University of Oklahoma.  Jim believed
his son should start at the bottom and work his way up.  Mark worked in about every position including, a driver, a
welder,  and as a machinists.  In 2001, Jim decided to retire and sold the business to Mark who continues the
legacy of Bauman Machine Inc today.     

Over the past 44 years, as the oilfield industry slowed down, Bauman Machine began venturing into other industries
besides the oil and gas market.  Some of these other industries include Semiconductor, Medical, Road Boring, and
Road Construction Equipment.  Bauman Machine began with a commitment of providing high quality machining
services coupled with a high level of customer service, which today is still our biggest commitment to our customers.
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Fred Bauman
Founder and President
Jim McCarty