Below is a general list of threads that we typically cut.  
This list is not our limitation.  
We can thread almost any type and style of threads.
API Regular
API Full Hole
API Internal Flush Joint
API American Open Hole
API Numbered Connections
Hughes H-90
Slimline H-90
Hughes Xtra Hole
Hughes External Flush
Slim Hole
8 Round Tubing Threads
10 Round Tubing Threads
E.U.E. Tubing Threads.
Line Pipe Threads
National Pipe Threads (NPT)
P.A.C. Threads
M.T. Threads
Wilson Flush Joint
Cable Tool Joint
Wash Pipe Threads
2 Step Premium Tubing Threads
Sucker Rod Threads
Acme Threads
Stub Acme Threads
60 deg "V" Threads
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